Membership at Lake Hickory Country Club is by invitation only.  We are a private full service club providing the highest quality athletic and social amenities.  The completion of a membership application is required, along with a current member of the Club to sponsor you and your family.  Please contact our Director of Marketing & Membership at (828) 328-2981 or by e-mail at to receive more information.

Town Club Memberships:
  • Platinum (Family) - Use of all facilities and amenities for family to include the Town Club and Catawba Springs.
  • Junior - Use of all facilities and amenities for member age 21-35.
  • Town Club - Use of all facilities and amenities at the Town Clubhouse including dining at Springs Tavern.
  • Non-resident - Use of all facilities and amenities for anyone who does not reside in Catawba County or bordering counties.
  • Platinum Corporate - Use of all facilities and amenities for one named corporate member and their family.
                   **Please inquire about our Corporate Multi-User Option

Catawba Springs Memberships:
  • CS Family Golf - Use of Catawba Springs golf, fitness and dining for family.
  • CS Single Golf - Use of Catawba Springs golf, fitness and dining for one.
  • CS Social - Use of Catawba Springs dining and fitness only.